Who We Are

abisola and seyi

Our dream is simple, we want to see Africans in the USA:

  • thrive in their careers, businesses, investments and creative endeavors.
  • collaborate to accomplish far more than a single individual can.
  • drive change in their local and global communities to leave a lasting impact.

To inspire successful Africans to build up other successful Africans, so that together, we can impact lives and create opportunities.

The Bi-weekly Podcast

We interview Africans who have achieved an uncommon degree of success in their careers, businesses, investments, creative or social endeavors. We get the real story of their journeys to success, highlighting challenges, failures, lessons learned, and practical tips along the way. Our goal is to present to our listeners a real picture of what it takes to become like these successful Africans.

The Monthly Events

We bring experts from various subject areas to share insights that are not widely known, in order to help the African community advance. These experts hold talks, lead workshops, and network to increase the collective knowledge and wealth of the African community.

The Weekly Articles

We post insightful articles, resources, and strategies gathered from subject matter experts on our website blog. Our goal is to always be there with answers to our readers' questions... be it how to get a promotion, where to raise capital for a business, which type of investment property to purchase, and so on.


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Behind the Mic

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Abisola is the podcast host and events planner for The Successful Africans. She is an Associate at IMPAQ International, has a Masters in Economics, and runs a blog (www.abisolashof.com) where she shares deep thoughts through fun stories.

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Seyi is the producer, technology, and business guy for The Successful Africans. He is a Product Manager at Sprint, has an MBA, and is a startup and real estate guru.